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The Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH) is a Christian organization providing physical, emotional and spiritual care to needy children in Haiti. Since 1981, FCH has been changing lives by living out our motto “Making a difference… one child at a time.”

Urgent Request from the Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Dear Friends

As always, we are grateful for your faithful support for the Foundation for the Children of Haiti during these dark times for Haiti.

In her recent updates, Gladys Thomas (the founder of FCH) reported that – with the total breakdown of law and order in Haiti – gangs now control Port au Prince. In addition to rampant violence in the city, this has resulted in serious shortages of day-to-day necessities as gangs have almost completely disrupted the import and distribution of goods.

One terrible result is that supplies of compressed oxygen have run out in Haiti.  There are several patients at Hope Hospital on oxygen, including four premature babies in the neo-natal ICU. 

With no compressed oxygen, the only alternative is to use oxygen concentrator machines, which draw in ambient air, remove gases like nitrogen and argon, and output medical-grade oxygen.

Hope Hospital only has four concentrators that deliver 5 liters of oxygen per minute.  Given the number of patients needing oxygen, Hope Hospital is in immediate need of additional concentrators with the capacity to deliver a larger volume of oxygen (10 liters per minute).  

Gladys has found a supplier of concentrators in the US and has arranged for Missionary Flights International to fly the machines to Port au Prince. 

These new oxygen concentrators are critically needed now, and they will still be useful when compressed oxygen supplies are again available. The concentrators will allow the hospital to cut back on the purchase of oxygen tanks which are quite expensive in Haiti, creating significant cost savings

We are working to raise funds to purchase six new concentrators.  Each machine costs around $2,000 Canadian.    

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us with this crucial, life-saving project.

If you are able to help, donations can be made by:

  1. Credit card, through our website:  /
  2. Interac e-transfer to
  3. Cheque mailed to: CFCH, 6093 – 145A Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 4R6
Thank You!

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The Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti (“CFCH”) is an all-volunteer fundraising organization
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